A-Z Shift Academy, LLC

A-Z Shift Academy, LLC
9443 Hanta Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Our Mission:
Our mission is to Transform your Business and Personal life by Guiding and Helping you find the missing pieces of your puzzle in a Unique and Effective way!

Here is what we offer you:
1. We give you FREE access to our Worldwide Community where you Meet and Connect with like-minded people.
2. We offer you Online video classes where you learn from some of the Top Speakers and Experts in different fields on HOW TO start or market your business, improve your skills and beyond…. We also help you realize your Vision, Goals and Dreams through our monthly webinar that can be accessed from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. You will get all of the above for only $9.95 per month – the price of 2 Cups of Coffee.
3. Through our Transformational Seminars you will have the opportunity to join us Live or Online from anywhere in the world.
4. We will have a monthly networking event at NO charge to you!Our goal is to expand our networking event globally!
5. We are YOUR Resource Center!

We are here to help you See the Light so you Can live Your purpose!

From Aimmee & the experts, Learn How To:
– Master Your Communications
– Build Effective Relationships
– Start, Brand and Market Your Business
– Become a Speaker, Author or Presenter
– Be a Successful Artist, Actor, Comedian or Entertainer
– Prepare for an Audition or an Interview
– Dress for Success
– Release Stress and Get Fit
– Invest and Plan for Retirement
– Protect your identity online and offline


About the founder, Aimmee Kodachian:

Aimmee is the Founder of the A-Z Shift Academy and the author of “Tears of Hope,” her riveting true life story of living through the 1975 Lebanese Civil War for 13 years. She was faced with enormous obstacles and many challenges. Due to her severe dyslexia and the war, Aimmee was forced to leave school at the 4th grade where she was left with no opportunities or HOPE and that was only the beginning of a long and harsh journey!
After years of determination and persistence, Aimmee found the Missing piece of her puzzle that was holding her back from Moving Forward and living her purpose.Today, Aimmee is sharing the lessons, wisdom and powerful insights she learned. Through her Book, Seminars, and Coaching, she is helping many people around the world Find THEIR Missing Piece of the Puzzle so they can Turn their Dreams and Vision into Reality.
Visit: http://www.reachingyourlight.com

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