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Hello everyone, I just want to take some time to write a quick vlog explaining the “Business Sub Group” idea within Danny Vegas Live. In my quest to develop a network of companies and professionals I wanted elements that gave more value to the members. I realized from the start: to be considered a top flight business network Danny Vegas Live had to offer more! Danny Vegas Live had to offer a company - large or small - “everything”.

Our groups are there to fine tune the efforts of our members. Our members will be very diverse and experts from all parts of the business spectrum. We thought that it would be very cool if the organization allowed these members from different areas of business to form their own identities, giving each member of Danny Vegas Live the opportunity to really dive deep into the subjects that drive and define their businesses.

There is no doubt that building relationships is crucial in Las Vegas - and in business. The professional who can’t do this is doomed in Las Vegas, and networking events are major cornerstones of Danny Vegas Live. With that in mind, we allow members - no matter what level of membership - to join groups at no charge. In other words, a Danny Vegas Live member can be part of many business groups within the organization.

Take a look at the Danny Vegas Live Groups:
Lady Vegas, a business group for women, where independence is key. Danny Vegas Live is excited about “Lady Vegas”! In Fact, Danny Vegas Live business social media is nearly 70% business woman. In short, business women in Las Vegas are plugged into our organization and “Lady Vegas” will be a major business group in the Las Vegas Valley.

The M.O.B. (Men of Business): We are proud of our women professionals and the ladies have dozens of great professional groups to choose from. However, we discovered that the men really don’t have a home to hang their hat on, so in true Las Vegas fashion we created the Men of Business (The M.O.B.) Group. Just like the ladies group, M.O.B. is a business club that has its own identity and will focus on bringing together business men throughout the Vegas valley.

At Danny Vegas Live we love the fact we are all for one and one for all. Danny Vegas Live believes that being in business is giving back to the community. Please take a tour of Danny Vegas Live site and become a member today www.dannyvegaslive.com