Danny Vegas Live Weekly Re-Cap

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Hello Everyone, I just want to do a quick wrap up for the week. The Weekly business to Business Event was great. Many new faces and lots of networking going on. Remember, we will be taking next Tuesday off but I have heard of an unauthorized Danny Vegas Event popping up someplace.

The DVL Swimwear event is now live. We are hoping for 100 people to come enjoy the night and support a young business woman Ahn Jung as she launches her new line. Also I want to welcome Noy Alexander from noyfit to the organization. She is a world class trainer and is looking forward to meeting you.

The Sunday punch video Blog is coming back. Yes I, at one time, did a video blog and we will incorporate it DVL web site once more. Very cool!

The Headliner event is also coming back this fall. In October we will be brining on a headliner to guest host each event for the month of October. Headliners are going to be picked from organization premium and platinum members.

Stay cool and stay busy!