Danny Vegas Live hits a grand slam with Sapphire Pool and Day Club event

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I must say “what a night” and “mission accomplished!”

Danny Vegas Live was brought on to show that The Sapphire was a local friendly and female friendly pool.
Over 250 people enjoyed the greatest vibe and fantastic setting. I must say that the management of Sapphire was just great. The complements from the guest are blowing up on face book and all other social media platforms. The comped food, the sliders, wings and sushi from the new sushi restaurant that opened up that day was just excellent. Alien Tequila www.alientequila.com was the show stopper and the tequila shots were flowing. . The bar was set up sponsored by BoHo Furniture Gallery www.bohofunituregallery.com.

I want to thank all the vendors how put the time and efforts into the event I look forward to working with all of you again. Danny Vegas Live: We are a marketing company with an audience; we are a business organization with a vision and a mission. To provide an environment and to establish a platform for Las Vegas professionals and entrepreneurs to create commerce and create jobs. Our Brand was Las Vegas born during a time of economic strife and we are committed to help people who are less fortunate than our selves. Danny Vegas Live is more than one person. Danny Vegas live is a collection of people who are world class professionals that all believe that the product is more important that the bottom line.

We are Danny Vegas Live and we have a vision and are on a mission. Join us!