WCOBM Show Hosts have access to their show content in 30 minutes or less

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WCOBM Show Hosts have access to their show content in 30 minutes or less
The advantages for having a show platform on WCOBM continue to mount. Over the last 45 days The World Center of Broadcast Media has improved many aspects of the programming delivered to the hosts who broadcast from the network. The latest is a fully professionally produced show in their pocket and on their WCOBM show platform page in 10 minutes or less. “This puts the show hosts in the driver’s seat” Said Danny Vegas “The sponsors and guests of the shows are shocked at the fact that by the time they leave the studio the segments that was just broadcasted live is on all social media channels for their company fan and friends to like and share”. Danny Vegas who owns Danny Vegas Live, a marketing entity that specializes in brand awareness and operates the Las Vegas studio is continuing to focus on show host value and show guest having a great experience. “The Broadcasting of the live show is just one part of the WCOBM experience. Show guests don’t have to wait to see the end product or their recorded segment it is available most of the times before they get home from the studio now that’s the way it should be don’t you think?”

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Las Vegas contact Danny Vegas danny@wcobm.tv
Hollywood Contact Bruce at bruce@wcobm.tv
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