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Danny Vegas to bring 30 minute monthly shows to WCOBM (World Center of Broadcast Media)
Just two weeks of taking the reins at WCOBM Danny Vegas is implementing new platforms. One of the many changes that are in the works is a format of bringing 30 minute shows to the network. Danny Says “ The monthly Shows in my opinion have always been over looked and as a marketing person I find there is value to sponsors to sponsor a monthly show, That said, I remember the days when I produced expos and vendors always wanted to split the cost of a table with another vendor. If you can split a table you can spit an hour, therefore a 30 minute show is a perfect way to introduce a brand and it is a perfect way for an organization to do updates to their members”
WCOBM will keep the monthly hour show. “That is a grand slam of value and a great marketing platform for any business” Said Danny “Along with the 30 minute monthly show there is no doubt this is a platform everyone should consider. The monthly shows have such a variety of benefits I encourage people to contact me and let’s meet”.
Companies or individuals who have an interest in marketing and branding their product or services contact one of the marketing leaders in Las Vegas…Danny Vegas 702-491-6237
Danny Vegas Live is a marketing platform that specializes in building pathways to give companies brand clarity. The Danny Vegas Live Brand also is home for WCOBM and #oneluckygal
WCOBM World Center Of Broadcast Media is a live streaming Television Network, that is total social media driven, The network is the leader in distribution of content worldwide.
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